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Short Article Reveals the Undeniable Facts About Written Research Papers and How It Can Affect You

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Poverty Is A Social Good - 1641 Words

As you drive away from the city of Malibu all that can be seen are beautiful houses, well dressed people and expensive cars. Breathe in the fresh air and see every establishment, be it a restaurant or even a small cafà ©, filled to the brim with happy people leaving food uneaten on gold-trimmed plates without a care in the world. Drive further away from this secluded bubble and enter Los Angeles, or more specifically downtown Los Angeles and you will be faced with a stark contrast: homeless adults and even children begging for money on the sidewalk alongside decrepit houses with graffiti on their walls. The reality is that there is an enormous number of people who live in one of the richest nations in the world that are struggling to get by†¦show more content†¦Poverty is a chronic condition which is deep-rooted in America, despite it being one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Currently, many people still fall below the poverty line; â€Å"as of 2014, 14.9 percent of Americans or almost 47 million people fell below this line; the rate for children even higher† (US Department of Commerce). â€Å"Individuals or families are considered â€Å"poor† if their annual pretax cash income falls below a dollar amount, or poverty threshold that is recalculated each year. This is simply the estimated minimum level of income needed to secure the necessities of life† (Institute for Research on Poverty) and due to a variety of factors. In comparison to other developed countries, America’s market system puts a heavier emphasis on stimulating economic growth rather than ensuring income equality or collective well-being. From an economic standpoint, although America has a mixed system of capitalist and free market, it is still organized such that a small elite control most of the capital used to produce wealth, leaving the majority of the population to fight over the latter. Even middle classmen worry about the possibility of falling into poverty as companies continue to lay off workers in favor of cheaper labor or decrease wages in an effort to increase its’ competitive advantage as increasingly high values are put on competition and efficiency. With a

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The Psychology of a Serial Killer and Abuse - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 524 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2019/07/01 Category Society Essay Level High school Tags: Serial Killer Essay Did you like this example? Serial killers are the result of a wide range of things, one factor that is shared is abuse. Profoundly awful encounters, particularly amid youth, can have a considerably more profound effect in grown up life. They can shape a persons identity and life decisions. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Psychology of a Serial Killer and Abuse" essay for you Create order This conduct ingrains in the childs sentiments of embarrassment and defenselessness, emotions which they will later try to impart in their exploited people. Nonetheless, its critical to consider going ahead that numerous kids have endured maltreatment and did not wind up being serial killers. Thus, while abuse is by all accounts an ongoing theme and some way or another identified with culpability, it should not be viewed as the sole cause of a serial killer. Serial killer, Edmund Kemper despised women, he killed a few individuals from his own family and six young women in the Santa Cruz, California, during the 1970s. Conceived in Burbank, California, his parents separated from when he was 9 years of age and his alcoholic mother pointed the finger at him for the separation. She was excessively condemning Edmund and constrained him to live in the basement of the house so he could not accompany his sisters. Since early on, Edmund fantasized about murdering his own mom which led him to tormenting cats to discharge his dissatisfaction. At the age of 15, he was sent to live with his grandparents on their homestead and they took his rifle since he wouldnt quit murdering animals. Edmund turned his anger on his grandparents, shooting them to death. As a grown up, weighing more than 250 lbs, he exploited people both mentally and physically. He ended the lives of ten women and in spite of the fact that his safeguard group attempted to look for the not blameworthy by reason of madness he was ordered at legitimately normal. Edmund is currently in jail at the California Medical Facility. Edmund abusive relationship can be seen as the trigger of his killings, his build up frustration from his mothers lack of interest in him caused him to take it out on all women firmly because they were a reflection of his abusive mother. Another example of someone with a abusive childhood that become a serial killer is Mary Bell. Mary Bell was an English serial killer conceived in Glasgow, Scotland, where she shared a one room house with her mom. As a young lady, Mary would observer her mom, who functioned as a prostitute participate in acts with her customers frequently in the same room her daughter slept in. Her mom had made endeavors to slaughter Mary at a young age, yet rather, she understood there was additional cash to be made prostituting her own daughter. Mary Bell became a killer when she was just 11 years old. She strangled, mutilated and killed two young boys, 4 year old Martin Brown and 3 year old Brian Howe, in 1968. Following her conviction, Judge Justice Cusack said she was very grave risk to other children and sentenced to juvenile prison. Since her release, she has been granted a new identity and is believed to be living in the North East of England with a family of her own.

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African Indentured Servants During Jamestown - 974 Words

The first twenty Africans to arrive in Jamestown, Virginia in 1619 were eventually traded by the Dutch for food and supplies. A point worth noting, the first twenty Africans were not identified as legal property(slave). The former Spanish owners had baptized and given each a Christian name. In fact, Africans worked as indentured servants for a specified time because English law disallowed the enslaving of Christians. Africans became landowners and were of equal standing with the poor English Pilgrims. However, by 1640, Virginia court documents started displaying verdicts for a life of servitude. These were verdicts given to runaway indentured servants. African indentured servants to be exact. Between 1661 and 1662, a child’s status in the colonial United States depended on whether the mother was free or a slave. Laws were passed that degraded blacks and forbid interracial marriage and sexual relations. Other laws prohibited blacks from bearing arms, traveling without written permission and finally, preventing blacks from owning property. In 1669, it was declared in Virginia that it would not be a crime to kill a disobedient slave while punishing him/her. Moreover in 1669, slave masters were banned from emancipating slaves. Slaves that were given their freedom could not stay in the colony. Furthermore, Virginia voted to banish Europeans who marry a black, mulatto, or Indian person. It can be concluded that these laws fashioned the chattel slavery in the United StatesShow MoreRelatedBacons Rebellion Essay1644 Words   |  7 Pagesand accordingly its consequences include the American Revolution. It was the war between the English and the Indians, and the civil war between the colonists of Jamestown and their government. But it was also the fierce struggle between two powerful leaders with ve ry different beliefs. The African slaves and white indentured servants joined together to fight side by side against their common enemies. Sir William Berkeley arrived in Virginia in 1642 to act as the Colonial Governor of VirginiaRead MoreThe London Fire Of 16661205 Words   |  5 Pagescolonial indentured servants heavily declined. This shortage prompted African slave labor to be preferred economically by landowners as slaves were a guaranteed workforce, politically as laws offering total ownership made slaves more desirable, and socially as many influential landowners considered the African race subservient. The London Fire of 1666 laid waste to much of England and created a significant number of rebuilding jobs (Hening). This contributed to the shortage of indentured servants aroundRead MoreSalvery in the United States1497 Words   |  6 Pagessupply of indentured servants was largely declining, and where no longer sufficient enough to maintain the plantation that was indispensable for not only economic stability, but for survival. However, a seemingly solution to their problems was finding its way across the Atlantic and headed towards the struggling colony of Virginia. In 1619, a Dutch ship that contained about 20 enslaved Africans came across the colonists of Jamestown, Virginia. The inhumane living conditions that the Africans were butRead MoreThe Labor Of War And Early British America1021 Words   |  5 PagesSeptember 2015 The Labor of War In early British America they had a unique form of labor where they would use indentured servants and natives as workers instead of slaves. However in 1619 the first 20 Africans were brought to Jamestown by the Dutch to be used as slaves. Black labor remained small until the1670s when it started to grow in the southern region of Carolina. In 1612 John Rolfe a Jamestown planter began to experiment with tobacco that the local Indians had been growing for years (Brinkley 37)Read MoreThe Slavery Of The Chesapeake Essay1395 Words   |  6 Pagesslaves came to America in the early 17th century. When they received the slaves they found out some of them were baptized, and were under the Christian religion. So they could not be treat as slaves under the religion so they were turned into â€Å"indentured servants†. There weren’t many laws on slavery, but there was no way out . At first slaves had limited right, and were aloud to own land, after their period of slavery was over. They were allowed to marry and have children. The slaves kids that were bornRead MoreEssay about Clash of Cultures838 Words   |  4 Pagesimmigrants that were indentured servants, individuals (immigrants) who came to America and was placed under contract to work for another over a period of time, usually seven years, especially during t he 17th to 19th centuries. Generally, indentured servants included redemptioners, victims of religious or political persecution, persons kidnapped for the purpose, convicts, and paupers. Indentured servants first arrived in America in the decade following the settlement of Jamestown by the Virginia CompanyRead MoreIndentured Servants And African Slaves881 Words   |  4 Pagescertain topics, such as, indentured servants and the institution of slavery was minimal. The reason for this is most of my prior knowledge of these important topics were forgotten. The question I always asked myself what was the difference between indentured servants and African slaves? Through my personal studying on the subject matter, I have discovered new information that clarified all my misconceptions about historical topics like, indentured servants from Europe, African slavery, and findingRead MoreSlavery in American Society: Impact and Evolution Essay1637 Words   |  7 Pagesdate back to 1760 BC; Within such societies, slavery worked in a system of social stratification (Slavery in the United States, 2011), meaning inequality among different groups of people in a population (Sajjadi, 2008). After the establishment of Jamestown in 1607 as the first permanent English Chesapeake colony in the New World that was agriculturally-based; Tobacco became the colonies chief crop, requiring time consuming and intensive labor (Slavery in colonial America, 2011). Due to the headlightRead MoreAmerican Slavery During The 17th Century1499 Words   |  6 PagesAmerican Slavery in the 17th Century The struggles of African Americans in a fight for freedom and civil rights in the U.S. during the seventeenth century was tarnished with blood and destruction of African cultures and families. A struggle that is condescending to the reasons as to why the thirteen American colonies were established. The Founding Fathers of America built a nation with a mission that â€Å"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed byRead MoreThe Beginning Of Enslavement Of Slavery Essay1284 Words   |  6 Pagesof hope. Indentured Servants were people who sold their labor voluntarily in exchange for free passage to the â€Å"New World,† and given housing upon their arrival. They were willing to enter an agreement to work for a specified amount of time, nor were considered the property of the contract holder. Alike in certain aspects, however, divergent in many areas of Indentured Servants, in the early 1600’s Slavery began in America w hen the first African Slaves brought to the colony of Jamestown, Virginia

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Essay about Character Analysis of Catherine Barkley

During World War I, it was the accepted social norm that women belonged in the kitchen. They took the back seat to men, specializing in cooking and cleaning. They were the caretaker of the home and the raiser of the children. Catherine Barkley is an impeccable example of this social norm in Ernest Hemingways, A Farewell to Arms. Her submissive nature is key to the existence of the story. So important, in fact, that the story may not be at all possible without it. She submits to Lieutenant Henrys flirtatious passes immediately, triggering their romantic relationship before he injures his leg. She also totally dedicates herself to preserving the well being of Henry. Her behavior in both of these circumstances is typical for a woman†¦show more content†¦She doesnt hesitate to comply with his every desire, including having sex whenever he desires, it would seem. Again, she conforms to the norms of the era she lives in. She sees it as her duty to care for the man and ke ep him happy. The point of the Milan portion of the story is the maturing of the relationship between Catherine and Henry. However, instead of the maturation of the relationship, we simply see Henrys feelings mature. Catherine is steady and committed until the end. Its another good example of Hemingway using Catherine as a tool to keep the reader focused on Henry. Henrys domination of the relationship is highlighted towards the end of the book when the couple resides in the mountains of Switzerland. Catherine suggests that they make love, but Henry remarks rather indifferently that he would rather play chess. His emotionless regard of Catherine is another way Hemingway draws attention away from her and focuses on Henry. Her needs arent as important as his and he makes it clear. Catherine, being the typical pleasing woman of her generation, submits to his decision and goes about her business. In A Farewell to Arms, Hemingway uses Catherine as a tool to speed up the plot, dra w attention to Henrys thoughts and emotions, and calibrate the story with his style of writing. Her submissive and pleasure demeanor, typical of women in her era, make this possible. Her simple and acceptingShow MoreRelatedA Farewell To Arms Character Analysis2009 Words   |  9 Pagescourse of the novel goes through meaningful character changes to become more open, conscientious, agreeable, extraverted, and neurotypical. The catalyst for development in Henry’s character in A Farewell To Arms is his intimate bond with Catherine. In A Farewell To Arms, the least nuanced evidence for Henry being changed as a result of his relationship with Catherine can be found in his dynamic characterization. At the novel s exposition, Henry’s character is established through the potent characterizationRead MorePsychoanalytic and Femisnist Theories in A Farewall to Arms by Ernst Hemingway2059 Words   |  9 Pagesambulance driver working for the Italian Army and being wounded on the front. Another very important character in the novel was Catherine Barkley, the nurse taking care of Frederic while he was in the hospital in Milan. They soon becomed involved in a romantic relationship. This paper will focus on the Psychoanalytic and Feminist theories helping to understand the basic meaning of the novel and characters’ roles in the plot, characterized by the continuous interaction with each other and specific conflictsRead MoreThe Role Of Fascism, And Background Of Ernest Hemingway2736 Words   |  11 Pagesalso took away distraction from the other soldiers. In that seeing the wounded the fighting soldiers might back out. Drivers were just as at risk to get hit as the soldiers were if not even more. Reading through the novel Fredrick Henry the main character of the story and also the ambulance driver was shot at and wounded by artillery fire while trying to retrieve a solider in the field. This part in the novel being similar to the incident that happened to Hemingway while doing his duties in war. Read MoreThemes of Love and War in A Farewell to Arms2028 Words   |  9 Pagesfrom the perspective of Fredric Henry, an ambulance driver in the Italian army, and pertains to his experiences in the war. The novel also highlights the passionate relationship between Henry and Catherine Barkley, a British nurse in Italy. Henry’s insight into the war and his intense love for Catherine emphasize that love and war are the predominant themes in the novel and these themes contribute to bringing o ut the implicit and explicit meaning of the novel. Being a part of the Italian army, HenryRead MoreEssay about The Irrelevant God in Ernest Hemingways A Farewell to Arms2818 Words   |  12 Pagesechoed in the next chapter, which concerns Henrys first meeting with Catherine Barkley. The closeness of these two incidents suggests a necessary comparison between the priests lofty idealism and Rinaldis secular realism, here symbolized by the latters pursuit of women. It is interesting that Rinaldi is first interested in Miss Barkley; Henrys pursuit seems to happen therefore almost in emulation of Rinaldi, taking on the character of a revolt against religion. Here, as previously with the AbruzziRead MoreBibliographic Essay on African American History6221 Words   |  25 PagesThe authors’ responses to Johnson’s criticisms appear in William and Mary Quarterly 59 (January 2002) wherein Edward A. Pearson’s â€Å"Trials and Errors: Denmark Vesey and His Historians,† acknowledges errors in the transcriptions but defends the analysis. The dispute remains unresolved, but it is clear that slave conspiracies or rumors thereof brought deadly results for 10 ï ¿ ¼Ã¯ ¿ ¼Ã¯ ¿ ¼Ã¯ ¿ ¼Ã¯ ¿ ¼Ã¯ ¿ ¼Ã¯ ¿ ¼Ã¯ ¿ ¼Ã¯ ¿ ¼ many persons involved or accused of involvement. Abolition of slavery North American slavery was never without

Blood Brain Barrier Essay - 3024 Words

The brain is permeated by a vast network of tiny blood vessels called capillaries- so tiny and thin that blood cells have to pass through in single file. In the brain alone there are enough capillaries that if you laid them all out end to end they would stretch from Tucson to Tijuana. These capillaries are surrounded by a single layer of cells. That layer of cells forms a barrier between the capillaries and the cells and fluid of the brain. These barrier-forming cells are called endothelial cells. You can think of endothelial as a synonym for lining or even just barrier. When we use the phrase Blood Brain Barrier, (which for obvious reasons well refer to as BBB from here on out!), were talking about all of these†¦show more content†¦The BBB also incorporates mechanisms to shepherd or transport certain substances *in*: GLUCOSE- the universal energy source, which is needed by every cell in your body... OXYGEN- electron acceptor par excellence, do without it and die... CERTAIN IONS- cations, anions, Chlorine, Calcium, etc.. involved in nervous system transmission... Finally, the BBB also lets various substances in because it either cant pump them out or its mechanisms cant tell the difference between them and one of the substances that it naturally tranports across: ETHANOL- enters by the same pathways that let glucose in, which is why drinking alcohol affects the brain... VITAMIN C... THC, NICOTINE, CAFFEINE... Obstacles For Scientists The BBB evolved as an extremely tight barrier to protect the brain from potentially toxic compounds. Though it is an indispensable part of the Central Nervous System, its tightness makes delivering therapeutic drugs to the brain very difficult. Question: What makes the BBB such a tight barrier? Answer: the three components- the phospholipid bilayer, influx pumps, and efflux pumps- discussed below. # Phospholipid Bilayer Phospholipid bilayer The endothelial cells of the BBB are surrounded by a phospholipid bilayer that is only permeable to very small and/or lipid soluble molecules. Lipid solubleShow MoreRelatedThe On Blood Brain Barrier967 Words   |  4 PagesBlood Brain Barrier One of the most important properties of BBB is that it separates the brain tissue from the blood circulation of the CNS. By that it consists of three parts: the layer of endothelial cells connected through tight junctions, basal membrane, and astrocytes and pericytes. Its main function is it only select molecules to pass from the bloodstream into the fluid that bathes the brain, whereas vital nutrients get in, toxins and pathogens are blocked. Formed by endothelialRead MoreThe Blood Brain Barrier2594 Words   |  11 PagesThe Blood Brain Barrier The central nervous system is comprised of many elements that help maintain a highly regulated environment for very specialized functions, such as communication throughout the entire body via nerve pathways (Engelhardt Sorokin, 2009). This compartmentalization of the nervous system was first introduced by Paul Ehrlich and Edwin E. Goldman in the 1880’s, where after injecting a coloured dye into the circulatory system, the brain and spinal cord were found to be devoid ofRead MoreBrain Disorders: Blood Brain Barrier Essay2006 Words   |  9 PagesBrain disorders are major concern of modern world in terms of economic liability and human suffering with the increased number of aged population as a result of the long life expectancy. The main challenge in the treatment of many of the neurodegenerative diseases is the presence of a polarized layer of endothelial cells that comprises the blood–brain barrier (BBB) which precludes access of systemically administered medi cines to brain tissue. Currently more than 98% of all small moleculesRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of The Blood Brain Barrier1948 Words   |  8 Pagesmouth (McCauley et al., 2009). Some drugs can affect the fetus by transferring to the blood-brain barrier. The blood-brain barrier is a permeable barrier that allows some chemicals to pass through. It separates the circulating blood from the brain extracellular fluid in the central nervous system. The blood-brain barrier also transports molecules to the brain that are essential to function properly, like glucose and amino acids. Since capillaryRead MoreThe Role Of Cytokines On Immune Privilege3444 Words   |  14 PagesTHE ROLE OF CYTOKINES IN MAINTAINING IMMUNE PRIVILEGE IN THE BRAIN Review By Ifunanya Ezechukwu 1. Introduction Immune privilege sites are regions of the body which are able to tolerate the introduction of foreign antigens without producing an inflammatory response [1]. It is an active process and these sites are believed to have emerged in order to protect susceptible parts of the body which aren’t able to regenerateRead MoreEssay on Pathophysiology of Meningitis and Encephalitis1615 Words   |  7 PagesPathophysiology of Meningitis and Encephalitis Meningitis and encephalitis are two similar infections of the central nervous system that often lead to fatality of the host organism. Both diseases occur when pathogens enter the blood stream and gain access into the central nervous system. Stimulating inflammation within the cranial cavity, the pathogens continue to multiply and take harmful effects on the host. Inflammation, the body’s response to infection, ultimately causes all of the symptomsRead More Multiple Sclerosis Essay1620 Words   |  7 PagesMS sufferers. (2) MS usually strikes young adults between the ages of 20 and 40 years old. (8) There are even some cases of MS being diagnosed in childhood. Multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects the central nervous system, attacking the brain and the spinal cord. MS attacks myelin, the fatty material that acts as a protective coating to the bodys nerves. (1) The inflammation of the nerve tissues covering the nerves can affect any part of the nervous system and varies from person to personRead More1231349 Words   |  5 Pagesdisease in an infant. For older kids, the amount of daily ingested protein is calculated each day regarding how severe PKU of the patient. Although this method can effectively avoid biochemical abnormalities by high concentration of phenylalanine in blood steam resulting in the decrease mental retardation, it has a big disadvantage of not provide enough proteins for the normal development of the patient. Hence, patients with this treatment require take additional supplements, such as vitamins and mineralsRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Multiple Sclerosis1605 Words   |  7 Pagesdisease s complexity (Mil ler, 2012). The different mechanisms are the blood brain barrier, astrocytes, microglia, and oligodendrocytes/axons (Miller, 2012). The blood brain barrier is a selective membrane that transports blood to the brain and spinal cord tissue and allows diffusion of certain molecules due to the selective membrane (Miller, 2012). Astrocytes are star shaped glial cells that make up about 90% of the human brain (Miller, 2012). Astrocytes help maintain neuron survival and survivalRead MoreThe Use Of Nanotechnology On Other Types Of Brain Cancer930 Words   |  4 Pagesof brain cancer, and other types of brain diseases have been mostly untreatable due to the blood brain barrier (BBB). There have been drugs produced that are effec-tive in treating these diseases, but simply cannot bypass the barrier due to its special properties. It serves to restrict and control the movement of molecules in and out of the brain. In recent years, the use of nanotechnology show promise with their abilities to bypass the BBB to deliver drugs and small molecules into the brain. Gold